Special Delivery

Well, it’s taken a while, but our Chinese New Year cards are ready to start posting them off!  Thankfully the cards had been designed to be sent at any time during the Dragon Year, wishing the recipient health, happiness and prosperity.

Our first two recipients are very special and letters of well wishes were sent along with newsletters and a card to both Queen Elizabeth II and David Cameron, the Prime Minister.  Very exciting!  A particularly special message was sent to the Queen for her Diamond Jubliee – as a Sinologist it is extremely significant that such a special anniversary is taking place during the Dragon Year; there could be no more auspcious a year than this.

To thank Christine for her support I asked her to do the (franking) honours!

Christine with our very special letters!

The winning design was created by Azreen Nazri and the cards will be sent out to VIPs in England and further afield, as well as those Spoke Schools who have supported us over the years.


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