About Us

The Confucius Classroom at Djanogly City Academy is one of England’s five original Classrooms and is the Advanced Confucius Classroom for all schools in the East Midlands. Our goal is to promote and enhance people’s lives through learning about Chinese language and culture. Every year the Classroom is fortunate to have two Chinese Hanban teachers come and stay and teach Chinese internally and externally at all KeyStages. How we support you is totally up to you. Whether you want a Chinese Club setting up or regular sessions held throughout the academic year, or just to hold a ‘China Day’ or a quick taster session for students, all are possible. Your school might be considering introducing Chinese as part of its curriculum and would like help and guidance regarding Schemes of Work, textbooks and resources; whatever your need we are here help!  Contact us for more details http://www.djanogly.notts.sch.uk/aboutus/interlinks/Pages/CC.aspx

Please feel free to follow our activities with our Blog – we are always happy to hear from you!

A word from the editor

Hurray for the summer holidays and hurray for summer camps to China!  For myself it’s been 4 years since I was last in China and it was wonderful to be back!  Thankfully the Djanogly students who took part in the Summer Camp really enjoyed themselves too!  It’s now the Summer Holidays and after a busy time since taking on the role of Confucius Classroom Coordinator at Djanogly I’m enjoying the sun and the memories of China – whilst it lasts!  Because next week I’m off to the British Council’s Summer Immersion School teaching primary school students Chinese!


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