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Personal descriptions and their aftermath

After spending a good part of the lesson introducing personal descriptions and all the important adjectives, I thought what better way to review our learning than to do a spot of drawing. So, I read out the following phrases and look at the results!




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Competition winners

Please put your hands together for the winner of our Chinese New Year Card Competition, Azreen Nazri (Y8), and our runner-up, Clare Bensley (Y13), for their wonderful designs and hard work.  Congratulations!  Well done!!!  恭喜恭喜!


The winning design!


Azreen Nazri with her prize - a scroll with the word for 'good fortune' 福


Our runner-up design!


Clare Bensley with her prize - a fan with the 10 'dos and don'ts' of Confucianism.




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Here be dragons

Djanogly’s Confucius Classroom has something very exciting to announce.  We have recently acquired (with a ‘few’ stresses) not one but two magnificent dancing dragons which have made their way from Beijing, China, to stay with us.  This is thanks to the extremely hard efforts of Sue Purdy in our Finance team and our Hanban teacher Xiaoxiao Liang who has succeeded where many have failed – thank you so much!! 

I am extremely excited about these dragons and the benefits they will bring not only to our Classroom but also to the local community.  We are currently in the process of organising workshops with schools in the local area and further afield in addition to our very own dance troupe!

Names have yet to given to the dragons – any ideas??

David Dicks sets about opening up our parcels!

Rui and Xiaoxiao get stuck in. Literally! (Fear not, Rui is still with us)

The red dragon, in all its glory! (And this is the small one!)


 We were then honoured by a visit from the Nottingham Evening Post who met the dragons and umpteen eager sinologists!  Check out the outfits! 

A big thank you to Sue and Xiaoxiao for making THIS possible!

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Chinese New Year Card Competition

I was ultra organised in December and ran a through-school Chinese New Year card competition, asking students to create a card design for the Dragon year.  We had some marvellous entries with some really well thought out designs:

But there could only be one runner up: Clare Bensley (Y13)


And one winner: Azreen Nazri (Y8)


Prizes will be awarded (when they arrive from overseas) to the winner and runner up for their fantastic efforts, as I think you’ll agree, they created some brilliant designs.  Congratulations Azreen and Clare!

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Christmas Fair

On Wednesday 14th December 2011, myself, the Confucius Classroom’s two Hanban teachers, Xiaoxiao and Rui, Barry Holliday and a group of extremely enthusiastic Y10 and Y11 students made their way to Djanogly Northgate’s Christmas Fair.  This was the first time that we had supported at a school Fair and it was an honour to support a new member to the Djanogly Learning Trusts’s family! 

It was a wonderful experience for all involved.  The students enjoyed introducing China and Chinese culture to Djanogly Northgate’s primary students.  Students led activities on Chinese numbers (complete with a Sudoku Challenge!), chopstick challenges, getting dressed up in traditional Chinese outfits whilst the Hanban teachers helped give students Chinese names.  The afternoon passed quickly and was enjoyed by many many people; a lovely start to our Christmas activities!

Ready for action!


Students give the Chopstick Challenge a go under the watchful eye of Eric and Thomas!


Xiaoxiao prepares a Chinese name for a student


Rui explains the meaning of a girl's Chinese name.


Gurpreet helps a student with their Chinese numbers for the Sudoku Challenge.


Djanogly Northgate's students enjoy getting dressed up


'What was that you said? You're camera shy? Oh well!'


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