Here be dragons

Djanogly’s Confucius Classroom has something very exciting to announce.  We have recently acquired (with a ‘few’ stresses) not one but two magnificent dancing dragons which have made their way from Beijing, China, to stay with us.  This is thanks to the extremely hard efforts of Sue Purdy in our Finance team and our Hanban teacher Xiaoxiao Liang who has succeeded where many have failed – thank you so much!! 

I am extremely excited about these dragons and the benefits they will bring not only to our Classroom but also to the local community.  We are currently in the process of organising workshops with schools in the local area and further afield in addition to our very own dance troupe!

Names have yet to given to the dragons – any ideas??

David Dicks sets about opening up our parcels!

Rui and Xiaoxiao get stuck in. Literally! (Fear not, Rui is still with us)

The red dragon, in all its glory! (And this is the small one!)


 We were then honoured by a visit from the Nottingham Evening Post who met the dragons and umpteen eager sinologists!  Check out the outfits! 

A big thank you to Sue and Xiaoxiao for making THIS possible!


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Chinese New Year Card Competition

I was ultra organised in December and ran a through-school Chinese New Year card competition, asking students to create a card design for the Dragon year.  We had some marvellous entries with some really well thought out designs:

But there could only be one runner up: Clare Bensley (Y13)


And one winner: Azreen Nazri (Y8)


Prizes will be awarded (when they arrive from overseas) to the winner and runner up for their fantastic efforts, as I think you’ll agree, they created some brilliant designs.  Congratulations Azreen and Clare!

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Chinese New Year – Welcoming in the Dragon!

It has been ages since I have updated anything properly on here, I’ve been trying to get a smart phone for the Classroom so I can do some real-time blogging instead of post-event blogging which would be more interesting and convenient.  Hey ho. 

Chinese New Year is THE most important festival for the Chinese and is the time when families spend time together and celebrate big time!  As such we had a very busy time at Chinese New Year with celebrations in and out of school.  We held workshops and lessons and competitions (lots of competitions) for students to take part it.  The first thing we had to do though was to get the school ready for welcoming in the Spring Festival!

Before shot: The entrance to the Communications department

And after! A lot better, don't you think?

Going crazy for 'fu'!

Good luck 福 fu decorate entrance doors and classrooms...

The front doors...

Even the principal's office!

The lower school library doesn't even escape!

We had a lot of fun decorating the school at both sites.  Consequently, one of the competitions I ran was to ask classes to take responsibility for their classrooms and get them ready for the New Year.  Sadly not as many classes as I’d hoped joined in but those who did made noble efforts; hopefully we’ll have more take part next year!

Mr Best's Year 8 class get involved

To help as many students as possible enjoy the festivities Xiaoxiao and Rui did workshops with those classes who came forward and resources were made available for everyone else to use as they saw fit.  There was a definite dragon theme!

Rui leading workshops on dragon making!

Students getting stuck in!

I love people who are camera shy

~ From all of us at the Confucius Classroom, we wish you all a very prosperous Dragon year! ~


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News Flash 6!!!!!!!/DjanoglyCAN_CC/status/172382958374752256

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