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Christmas pandas!

As part of our in-school Christmas celebrations and to celebrate the arrival of Tiantian and Yang Guang to Edinburgh zoo (they are pandas, not children, fear not!) our Hanban teacher Rui Zhu led workshops on origami pandas with KS3 and KS4 groups.  The origami is a little tricky (I had a go, so I know!) but the students really got stuck in and came up with some very creative designs!

Rui begins her Y7 origami workshop with Charlotte Oldfield's wonderful class


Rui with our Y10 GCSE class


The students get creative!


Ryan with his origami panda!


Dominic with his handy work!




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Happy Dragon Year! 新年快乐!龙年大吉!龙腾虎跃!

Wishing all of you around the world health, happiness, good fortune and prosperity for this very auspicious and joyful Dragon year!

Please stay tuned for more updates of our actitivites from last year as well as everything we’ve got going on tomorrow and in the forthcoming weeks!  We have A LOT going on!

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