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Please hold…

I hope this post finds you all well. The new school year has started here and man is it busy! Sadly my timetable currently doesn’t support much work in the Confucius Classroom and I’m no longer allowed to blog in real-class time (which is a shame since I have finally got the Classroom a smartphone for such occasions). So I just wanted people to know that I am still here putting ideas in to practice and getting creative with Chinese language and culture but don’t have as much time as I would like to dedicate to blogging and letting you know about everything going on! Because we have had and do have a lot going on! But I will do my best.

In the mean time please continue to browse and contact me about any of the activities we do and if you would like to visit our school.

Take care and hope to have time to tell you about our Classroom soon!


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SSAT’s first Joint Meeting of Headteachers and their Confucius Classroom managers

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Calday Grange Grammar School

On Monday 6th June I travelled to Calday Grange Grammar School in West Kirby, Liverpool, to spend the afternoon with Lisa Wang and the Confucius Classroom there (http://www.calday.wirral.sch.uk/si/confucius).  Calday Grange’s Confucius Classroom is extremely well known and highly respected in the Chinese Network and amongst the Confucius Classrooms and it was wonderful to see it in action!  I spent my time observing lessons, chatting with students and exchanging ideas with Lisa and her colleagues.  Since I have only been the Confucius Classroom Coordinator at Djanogly for a short while, it was extremely useful for me to sit and share ideas with someone with so much experience and patience!  All-in-all it was a wonderful afternoon and very inspiring; I was quite sad to leave.  Especially when I realised the beach was only 10 minutes away!!!
If you are a school in the North-West and are keen to introduce Chinese in to your curriculum, or just to discuss the possibility of doing so or to arrange a China Day for your students, please don’t hesitate to contact Calday Grange and their Confucius Classroom!

The Confucius Classroom plaque right in the heart of Calday Grange's MFL department!

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This term in Y8 Rich Task they are looking at ‘Our Changing World’ and I and the other language teachers have been invited in to lead cultural sessions on our specialist areas.  So today I tried out something new, a Prezi presentation that I had been inspired to ‘have a go at’ by Pete Goodman at chinesestaffroom.com during his workshop on ICT in the classroom at SSAT’s Annual Chinese Conference.  My Prezi was based on the marvellous Jan Stuart’s talk from the British Museum and focused on why Chinese should be learnt not only for its language but also for its culture.  We looked at the inventions and discoveries that China and the Chinese have made and without which our world would be unrecognisable!  The students loved it and got really stuck in to their own research!

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At last!  It’s been only a week since this blog was first created but I can now officially says it’s complete!  I have spent time scouring our databanks for photos to decorate and illustrate the wonderful work that our Confucius Classroom does.  So please, have a wonder and enjoy the new illustrations as well as the updated page: ‘Trips’ which contains information on the trip to London our students did as part of the ACC’s Chinese New Year celebrations!

Happy viewing!

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