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Christmas Fair

On Wednesday 14th December 2011, myself, the Confucius Classroom’s two Hanban teachers, Xiaoxiao and Rui, Barry Holliday and a group of extremely enthusiastic Y10 and Y11 students made their way to Djanogly Northgate’s Christmas Fair.  This was the first time that we had supported at a school Fair and it was an honour to support a new member to the Djanogly Learning Trusts’s family! 

It was a wonderful experience for all involved.  The students enjoyed introducing China and Chinese culture to Djanogly Northgate’s primary students.  Students led activities on Chinese numbers (complete with a Sudoku Challenge!), chopstick challenges, getting dressed up in traditional Chinese outfits whilst the Hanban teachers helped give students Chinese names.  The afternoon passed quickly and was enjoyed by many many people; a lovely start to our Christmas activities!

Ready for action!


Students give the Chopstick Challenge a go under the watchful eye of Eric and Thomas!


Xiaoxiao prepares a Chinese name for a student


Rui explains the meaning of a girl's Chinese name.


Gurpreet helps a student with their Chinese numbers for the Sudoku Challenge.


Djanogly Northgate's students enjoy getting dressed up


'What was that you said? You're camera shy? Oh well!'


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The day Y10 met the Hanban teachers

All our students have been excited about meeting Xiaoxiao and Rui, but none more so than my GCSE Y10 class who have been desperate to meet them since I first mentioned their imminent arrival.

So, when they first met the two Hanban teachers there was a lot of excitement in the air, especially as I had left the pleasure of them being given Chinese names for Xiaoxiao and Rui!  Many questions were asked about them, their lives in China and China as a whole – they were shocked by the long school days of their compatriots in China!  Xiaoxiao happened to mention the eye exercises students do in schools in China which intrigued them so we ended the lesson practising these.

Xiaoxiao and Rui teach the Y10s


Eye exercises, honest!


Y10s welcome Xiaoxiao and Rui, this year's Hanban teachers. 欢迎你们嘉诺格里!


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On Thursday 20th October Djanogly’s Advanced Confucius Classroom were very pleased to welcome this year’s Hanban teachers, Xiaoxiao Liang (梁晓晓, who has returned to us for a second year) and Rui Zhu (祝瑞).  After a week of holiday they are now with us in the Academy, seeing classes, meeting students and staff and finding their feet for life in England.  I have a lot of things planned and can’t wait to work with them both!  Welcome!

Myself with Rui (to the left) and Xiaoxiao (to the right)

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