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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog and our (my!) first EVER post!!

I am the Academy’s new Confucius Classroom Coordinator; I have only been in teaching a few years but I am really enjoying its ups and downs and am very excited about my role as CCC!  I am the Academy’s Teacher of Mandarin and an avid Sinologist.  I have lots of plans to support the Classroom’s designated region (the East Midlands in England) and for supporting all you Chinese teachers out there!  My first plan is to get the Classroom with the 21 Century – you can follow us on Twitter (@DjanoglyCAN_CC), follow us here and – soon(ish) be able to get a clearer idea of what we do with a revamped website!  I am also setting up a termly Newsletter for our existing Spoke Schools and those schools wishing to venture in to Chinese to see what we do and what we can do.

I envisage that posts will vary from Chinese-specific activities that myself and the Hanban teachers are doing in and out of school but will also look at language teaching, things that our students have done, any trips that take place and my continual battle with character practise!

Don’t forget to contact the Classroom if you and your school are interested in starting up Chinese or would just like to do something different – that’s what we’re here for!


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