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Thank you, Hanban!!!

The day before I left England for Hanban/SSAT/DfE Summer Camp in July I received several boxes from the Hanban government.  On my return I was able to start going through and organising these generous offerings and amongst them, much to my intense delight, we had been given several poster sets.  These posters gave vocabulary for various GCSE topics: family, travel, hobbies, jobs, food and drink. 

Having moved to a new bare classroom I set about laminating these posters and preparing them for use in my classroom.  Just before the end of term I was able to display these, much to the keen appreciation of students.  THANK YOU, HANBAN!!

Y10 students Doulton, Emil, Hector, Gurpreet and Jason express their thanks to Hanban


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The Final Stage…

Tomorrow sees the final day of the Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Course here at Oakham.  It will be another busy day with final preparations, nerves, parents arriving mid-morning, lunch and a sudden end to a wonderful week.  Best wishes to all staff and students, it’s been a fablicious week and I’ve loved it (despite the tiredness!)  A special thanks to my wonderful Dragons who really have made this week special for me.  Hopefully this week has shown you new insights in to a fascinating and life-changing country and I look forward to meeting you again ^_^




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