Personal descriptions and their aftermath

After spending a good part of the lesson introducing personal descriptions and all the important adjectives, I thought what better way to review our learning than to do a spot of drawing. So, I read out the following phrases and look at the results!




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Like us? Then follow us on facebook!

If you like reading about what we do and would like to keep up to date with our news then please ‘like’ us on Facebook: Djanogly City Academy – Confucius Classroom

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Well, if anyone were to ask me that question I would definitely reply: 很忙!

Wow.  What a busy term this has been.  And how quickly it’s flown!  It’s been full of language lessons, cultural lessons, crafts and lots of questions from students really interested in China and its culture.

One of our great successes this term is the launch of our Facebook page, so please ‘like’ us and keep up to date with things going on in and out of the Academy: Djanogly City Academy – Confucius Classroom.

In the next month we are expecting the return of our two Hanban teachers, Xiaoxiao Liang and Rui Zhu, who will be supporting me internally as well as with some outreach work.  And in three days time we’re off to China on the Hanban/IOE CI Autumn Camp.  I shall be joining Mr Scott in taking 9 students to Beijing and Shanghai (See the cover photo), along with 490 other students and teachers!  It’s going to be fun if tiring!  I will be sending through updates via Twitter, Weibo, Keek and our Facebook so please keep an eye out on our activities!

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Please hold…

I hope this post finds you all well. The new school year has started here and man is it busy! Sadly my timetable currently doesn’t support much work in the Confucius Classroom and I’m no longer allowed to blog in real-class time (which is a shame since I have finally got the Classroom a smartphone for such occasions). So I just wanted people to know that I am still here putting ideas in to practice and getting creative with Chinese language and culture but don’t have as much time as I would like to dedicate to blogging and letting you know about everything going on! Because we have had and do have a lot going on! But I will do my best.

In the mean time please continue to browse and contact me about any of the activities we do and if you would like to visit our school.

Take care and hope to have time to tell you about our Classroom soon!

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Special Delivery

Well, it’s taken a while, but our Chinese New Year cards are ready to start posting them off!  Thankfully the cards had been designed to be sent at any time during the Dragon Year, wishing the recipient health, happiness and prosperity.

Our first two recipients are very special and letters of well wishes were sent along with newsletters and a card to both Queen Elizabeth II and David Cameron, the Prime Minister.  Very exciting!  A particularly special message was sent to the Queen for her Diamond Jubliee – as a Sinologist it is extremely significant that such a special anniversary is taking place during the Dragon Year; there could be no more auspcious a year than this.

To thank Christine for her support I asked her to do the (franking) honours!

Christine with our very special letters!

The winning design was created by Azreen Nazri and the cards will be sent out to VIPs in England and further afield, as well as those Spoke Schools who have supported us over the years.

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Competition winners

Please put your hands together for the winner of our Chinese New Year Card Competition, Azreen Nazri (Y8), and our runner-up, Clare Bensley (Y13), for their wonderful designs and hard work.  Congratulations!  Well done!!!  恭喜恭喜!


The winning design!


Azreen Nazri with her prize - a scroll with the word for 'good fortune' 福


Our runner-up design!


Clare Bensley with her prize - a fan with the 10 'dos and don'ts' of Confucianism.




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Time for Tea

When we heard that afternoon tea for prospective Y7 students was going to be taking place, the Confucius Classroom  thought what better way to introduce new students to the diverse nature of our Academy and its language department than givng them a taste of Chinese tea?  Oolong tea, to be precise. 

So, thanks to Xiaoxiao and Rui, a gorgeous porcelain Chinese tea set was bought and nibbles provided; the stage was set! 

I had anticipated me needing to cajole people in to sampling the smoky delights of Oolong tea or trying the seasame biscuits, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that our new students were adventurous and up for trying something totally different.  With the expert grace of Rui and Xiaoxiao, students and parents (and staff!!) were treated to a Chinese twist on an otherwise very English afternoon tea!

A very Chinese tea party!

Rui serving a parent some Oolong tea

Xiaoxiao serving new students

Mr Dicks is poured his cup of tea

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